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What is Demographics on Demand?

Ring Studies, Trend Analyses, Quick Reports, Maps, and Demographic eBooks

Demographics on Demand is the EASI Demographics Vending Machine, a place to buy individual updated demographic reports at previously unheard of prices: $15 a ring study (Executive Single Ring Study) and eBooks as low as $29!. They are cheap in price not quality.

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Demographics on Demand Benefits
  1. Low per-report price – no risk
  2. Pay for just what you need – no annual subscription
  3. Reports available immediately, 24 hours a day
  4. Easy, inexpensive way to compare demographic suppliers for consistencies and accuracy
  5. Inexpensive way to transition from an expensive supplier to one with a more reasonable price schedule
Who Uses Us? Realtors, bankers, leasing agents, site evaluators, appraisers, researchers, and location analysts of all kinds love this site. If you evaluate property decisions, from opening a restaurant or a dry cleaner, to building a shopping center, you owe it to yourself and your budget to try EASIDemographicsOnDemand.com.
What Reports
Do We Offer?
Demographics on Demand offers 4 styles of reports: 3 Ring Reports (1, 3, 5 mile radii or user selected ring sizes); Single Ring Reports (user selected radius); Quick Reports and Trend Reports offering data for 4/1/2020, current year, and a five year forecast, all in a single report. Each EASIDemographicsOnDemand.com report type is offered at 3 levels: an easy to read Executive Report (40 basic variables), a comprehensive Professional Report (over 350 variables), and an in-depth Advanced Report (over 1,400 variables), an analyst's dream.
What eBooks
Do We Offer?
Demographics on Demand currently offers 2 Demographic eBooks: the Executive eBook (Counties, CBSAs, States, and US) and the Executive Plus eBook (ZIP Codes, Cities, Counties, CBSAs, States, and US). Each eBook is a downloadable PDF file which provides Executive Summary Data in 4 tables (Population, Household, Trend, Miscellany).
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