The EASI Rank is displayed as part of an EASI Detailed Report. It is a ratio-type rank for a particular geography and represents the concentration of the variable compared to the average concentration.

For example, within the Selected Geography Counties, the county with the highest concentration of males over 75 years old ranks "1" and the county with the lowest concentration ranks "3141" (the total number of counties in the US). The concentration is calculated as the number of males over 75 years old divided by the total population. Tie scores are reported as the average of all tied numbers in sequence (if scores 511, 512 and 513 were tied, they would all be reported as 512).

If a filter has been applied to the study and the Area Rank report option is selected, the EASI Rank will be computed based on the number of records that meet the filter requirements. For instance, by limiting the study area to the New England States, the EASI Rank is a comparison to the other New England areas, not the entire US.