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The EASI-est access to rich demographics data and reporting you could imagine. Pay per-report at an incredibly low price, giving you the high-quality demographics data you need with no strings attached.

  • Convenient 24/7 Online Access

    Generate the reports you want at any time through our convenient online portal.

  • Create Quick Reports Without the Obligation

    You only pay for the reports you want when you want them. There are no subscription fees and no service contract.

    • Competitive Pricing

      We offer some of the lowest prices we know to give you insights on-demand using the most comprehensive demographics available.

    • Comprehensive and Complete Demographics Data

      All reports are generated from the same demographics databases provided in our Access Your Demographics Data solutions, meaning they are of the highest verified quality and incredibly accurate.

    • Choose Your Level of Detail

      Customize your report by selecting from Executive Reports (40 basic variables), Professional Reports (350 variables), and Advanced Reports, which have over 1,400 variables — an analyst’s dream!

Get Comprehensive Demographics Reports
Ring Studies, and eBooks at Competitive Prices

  • On-Demand Demographics Ring Studies

    Generate a ring report describing your chosen geographic area within a specified radius. Choose from a single ring study or a three-ring study, allowing you to learn more about the demographics of the areas you are interested in most.

  • On Demand Trend Reports and Quick Reports

    Reveal the demographics information that you need to answer burning questions, offer expert consulting, or make impactful decisions.

  • On-Demand Detailed Reports Generated in Minutes

    Dig into a greater level of detail with richly informative long-form reports containing the most important variables for your reporting needs. All demographics estimates are developed using proven methodologies that ensure the absolute highest quality data but at a price that is now the industry standard for inexpensive demographics reports!

Why Our On-Demand Reports Make Your Life EASI

  • Convenient PDF format
  • Ideal reference of current demographics and forecasts
  • Reliable data at a very inexpensive price
  • Available to download 24/7
  • Save money from other over priced sources – no risk

The Perfect No-Risk Option

  • Low per-report price
  • Pay for just what you need – no annual subscription
  • Reports available immediately, 24 hours a day
  • Easy, inexpensive way to compare demographics suppliers for accuracy or transition from between data suppliers

Trusted By Thousands of Professionals Across Dozens of Industries

Realtors, bankers, leasing agents, site evaluators, appraisers, researchers, and location analysts of all kinds love our on-demand, pay-for-what-you-want demographics reporting. If you evaluate property decisions, from opening a restaurant or a dry cleaner, to building a shopping center, you owe it to yourself and your budget to try EASI’s On-Demand Demographics Data solutions.

Get the Demographics Data and Insights
You Need Now at a Low Price