Flexible business solutions from EASI give you the exact publication-quality demographics data you need along with features that simplify your life. Own or access robust demographics for all U.S. geographies. Select from thousands of unique variables that make business decisions easier and reporting more detailed than ever. All solutions are platform-driven, centered around customer service, and made affordable to all types of businesses, organizations, and associations.

Own The
Demographics Data

Expansive databases comprising multiple datasets for all U.S. geographies, conveniently served to your inbox to download for your unique use.


  • Comprehensive, Confirmed, and Trusted

    Gold standard data for modeling, research, publication, whitelabeling, and other use cases, tested and verified for publication quality.

  • All Rights at Your Disposal

    Customers retain all rights to use EASI Owned Demographics Data as they see fit within licensing guidelines.

  • Master Database

    A comprehensive database listing the most important variables: population, income, ancestry, consumer expenditures, retail sales, cost of living, quality of life, and more. Base level demographics data and standard variables from the U.S. Census and ACS. Covers all U.S. geographies. Includes historical data, current estimates, and five-year future projections.

  • Specialty Databases

    Core variables plus your choice of specialty variables from a menu of possible options, including EASI Life Stages, community income studies, and more.

  • Enhanced Database

    Database with extra detail and context, suited to the needs of your selected industry domain, use case, or business goals. Just a few examples include Veteran Status by Age, Gender and Era of Service, Housing by Owner and Renter and Race, and Income by Household Size by Family.

Access The
Demographics Data

Demographics data at your fingertips, accessed online at any time through the duration of your subscription. Extensive data and datasets served up to your screen for download, electronic, or physical printing.

  • Convenient Demographics Served to Your Screen

    Access data any time you need it through an online portal or API.

  • Demographics Data to Make Your Organization Smarter

    Share access to employees, clients, and trusted business associates with multi-user licensing agreements.

  • Core Database

    Base level demographics data and standard variables. Covers your chosen region or all U.S. geographies. Includes historical data, current estimates, and future projections.

  • All-You-Can-Eat Reporting

    Leverage our demographics data to generate top-quality research and reporting at any time.

On Demand Demographics Data

Immediate insights courtesy of reports generated from the most reliable and comprehensive demographics databases available.

  • Reporting for Your Needs When You Need It

    Actionable reports and studies provided on-demand to help your organization arrive at the right conclusions, delivered instantly with no contracts or commitment.

Get to Know Who Is in Your Geographies

EASI Demographics solutions aim to make you an expert on the people and places that matter the most to your organization. Our solutions emphasize top-quality data and an unparalleled customer service experience that bends over backwards to exceed your expectations.


  • Best-of-Breed Demographics

    EASI uses the highest-quality, most recently available data from the most trusted sources, including the U.S. Census and the American Communities Survey, Bureau of Labor Statistics, Mediamark, and others.

  • Publication Quality

    All data is verified, standardized, and ready for analysis, reporting, or publication.

  • Customer-Focused

    Responsive and attentive service that’s ready to address your pressing questions or concerns.

  • Flexible and Affordable

    Choose the solution for your budget and needs, priced right to keep valuable insights within your reach.

  • Databases and Reports the Way You Need Them

    Select from a menu of thousands of possible variables, income, retail sales, GDP, and more.

  • Databases and Reports Where You Need Them

    Including ZIP-4, carrier routes, block groups, and more.

  • Data That Matter Most to Your Industry

    EASI serves clients across dozens of industries and organizational verticals, including the research community, insurers, real estate organizations, marketers, enterprise businesses, and more.

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