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Purchase entire databases rich with accurate, detailed, and up-to-date demographics information. Procure current data, historical, or a five-year forecast period. Each data set comes with thousands of variables, giving you access to deep insights ready for publication, consulting, analysis, modeling, market research, or whitelabel reselling.

  • Robust

    EASI’s Master Database represents our complete data publishing library. It is updated annually and held to the highest level of statistical accuracy.

  • Revealing

    Access over 2,500 variables that paint a highly detailed picture of communities throughout your chosen geographies.

  • Regional

    Our Master Database products cover all 8 EASI Geographies: Block Groups • Census Tracts • ZIP Codes • Cities • Counties • CBSAs • States • US

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    EASI Master Databases are complete, comprehensive, and ready to help you achieve your goals for publication, research, analysis, modeling, consulting, and data reselling

EASI Puts Incredibly Detailed Demographics Data in Your Hands, With All the Licenses to Use It According to Your Needs

Our Owned Demographics data solutions are the perfect option for analysts, consulting agencies, market research firms, and enterprises eager to publish or resell rich information that can be used to make calculated decisions.

You get access to multiple demographic views, including population estimates, consumer expenditures, retail sales, Quality of Life factors, Cost of Living information, business and employment data, and more.

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Our Full Collection of Comprehensive
Demographics Database Solutions

Purchasing our master database gives you access
to the following demographics data products:


Demographic Data Points

Complete Demographics Estimates (2010, Current Year, 5-Year Forecast)

The demographics estimates are derived from Census Benchmarks and contain over 1,100 variables including: Population, Household, Income, Income by Race, Ancestry, Education, Employment, Population by Age, Sex and Race and Gender Income by Age of Head of Household…. special age breaks, and more.

Consumer Expenditure Data (Current Year, 5-Year Forecast)

The Consumer expenditure estimates (over 30 broad groups and over 550 detailed variables) represent a model of spending potential. These variables are helpful in analyzing potential. Is there an opportunity to open a certain product/store – based on possible local demand? Are specific products/stores performing up to their market possibilities?

Retail Trade (2012, Current Year, 5-Year Forecast)

Retail Sales measure the actual sales of 13 specific Store Groups within geographies. Store Retail Sales are a key measurement of what is actually sold in an area. Required in determining the viability of opening a store.

Business Employment and Counts

19 broad categories and 250+ detailed variables identifying actual establishment and employment counts within a specific area.


Diverse Collection of Quality of Life Variables

Quality of Life

EASI® Quality of Life Variables are a diverse collection of 20+ variables including both absolute data (weather measures) and relative indices (local crime model) to help evaluate the quality of life of specific areas.

EASI Profiles

The 39 EASI® Profiles are uniquely derived variables (based on a rank analysis) developed to allow users to measure the relative concentration of key social characteristics including education level, wealth, and home ownership.

Sales Potentials

The 10 EASI® Sales Potentials are individually derived variables developed to allow users to measure the relative concentration of key buying characteristics and cultural characteristics including presence of museums, schools, and medical facilities.

Cost of Living

These 10 measures help evaluate how areas are affected by Price Deviations compared to Average Deviations.

Integrate Data with Ease Using
a Free Included API

Access your licensed data from within your business’s software for ease, portability, and added utility to your applications of choice. Allows licensees access to EASI iOS, Android, and Windows-based software that will access 2010 Census and current update of key variables for instant location analysis and ZIP Code lookup reports.


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Increase Level of Detail
and Number of Variables
with our EASI
Enhanced Master Database

Available for 2010, Current Year, and a 5-Year Forecast. The Enhanced Master Database has increased detail, primarily by Race and Gender, for key Tables including Households by Age/Race, Employment Status by Gender, and Education Attainment by Age, Race, and Gender.

Add-On Master
Database Components

These items are available as optional upgrades to the Master Database. Contact us for information on selecting the right range of solutions for your needs.

  • EASI Life Stage Clusters (2010, Current Year, 5-Year Forecast)

    Use the 84 EASI Life Stage Clusters to determine what types of Households dominate a neighborhood and how they are expected to spend their money. Life stages include information on employment, age, number of children in a household, income, and other insights.

  • Major Merchandise Lines and Minor Store Group Sales (2012, Current Year, 5-Year Forecast)

    EASI Merchandise Line and Minor Store groups represent actual sales of 45 product types and over 55 Minor Stores based on geographic locations. Retail Sales of Minor Stores measure the actual sales of 40+ specific Store Groups within geographies. Merchandise Lines identifies actual sales of specific types of products. Both of these are essential in evaluating sales and store performance.


  • Healthcare and Death Database (2010, Current Year, 5-Year Forecast)

    Modeled health statistics for the U.S. population based upon age, sex, and race probabilities. Can include limited geographies (ZIP Codes, Cities, CBSAs, Counties, States) or all geographies (Block Groups, Census Tracts added).

  • Gross Domestic Product Database

    Measurements for estimated gross domestic product of specific limited geographies (ZIP Codes, Cities, CBSAs, Counties, States) or all geographies (Block Groups, Census Tracts added).

  • Consumer Expenditures by Race and Ethnicity

    Consumer purchase studies with variables for race, ethnicity, and more. Can include limited geographies (ZIP Codes, Cities, CBSAs, Counties, States) or all geographies (Block Groups, Census Tracts added).

  • Standard Occupational Database

    Can include limited geographies (ZIP Codes, Cities, CBSAs, Counties, States) or all geographies (Block Groups, Census Tracts added).

  • EASI Mediamark Propensity Reports

    EASI also offers a Life Stage cluster analysis based on the results of the annual Mediamark Research (MRI©) Doublebase Study – The Survey of the American Consumer. Mediamark conducts more than 50,000 personal interviews annually with consumers throughout the continental United States to produce data for use in providing strategic insights, consumer targeting and other marketing and advertising functions. Custom studies are also available using the Internet, telephone, and mail samples.

  • ZIP4 Demographic Update or Conversion File (for Direct Mailing Campaigns)

    Geographic Conversion of ZIP Plus 4 codes to Block Groups, Census Tracts – includes latitudes and longitudes for each ZIP Plus 4 code.

  • Carrier Route Update Master Database (for Direct Mailing Campaigns)

    Grouped mailing addresses used by the USPS for ease of distribution, postage, and other logistical concerns. Utilizing carrier route information can reduce direct mailing campaign costs.

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