Data for When Every
Detail Counts

EASI Demographics builds its client-centered solutions on methodologies that are the gold standard in research and analytics. Our algorithms have been developed, refined, and tested over decades, leading to publication-quality end products for the modeling, academic, and market research communities.

Traditional demographics data platforms are expensive, but the EASI platform has been built from the ground up to deliver the right data at the right price to organizations of any size.

Multi-Source Standardized
Demographics Data, Estimates,
and Five-Year Forecasts

Demographics data aggregated from best-of-breed resources, including the U.S. Census, the American Communities Survey, the Bureau of Labor Statistics, the Bureau of Economic Analysis, the National Health Interview Survey, ZIP-4 postal codes, and many others. EASI uses only the most up-to-date resources available and regularly updates the databases using 5 year forecasting for each demographic region down to the smallest geographic unit (block groups).


Demographics Variables

Geographic Categories
From Large to Small

Databases and reports can include Block Groups, Census Tracts, ZIP Codes, Cities, CBSAs, Counties, States, and the US.

Standardized and
Custom Variables

Over 40,000 different variables available to describe communities and the people within them from every possible angle. Obtain the view you need to generate actionable reports or make critical decisions with confidence.


Databases to choose from

Commitment to
Publication-Quality Data

We maintain the highest database quality possible through thorough data cleaning, standardization, and multi-reference vetting. All data is cross-referenced and normalized to ensure the highest reporting accuracy and the best performance for estimating and forecasting models

EASI Proprietary Ranking
and Scoring System

With the capability to generate ranking and scoring reports, our data will never ask you to do the heavy lifting for analytics. Report on the neighborhoods with standout retail spending trends, identify up-and-coming regional areas, or a number of other possibilities.

Composite Variables That
Expressively Describe

EASI has developed proprietary analytical techniques that combine dozens of variables to generate a highly detailed and accurate picture of our communities. Learn about target residents’ quality of life, what life stages they have reached, income information, and more.

Data the Way You Need It
for Your Budget and Goals

EASI provides a wide range of solutions targeted at your level of need and your budget. For enterprise clients interested in utilizing their own analytics or re-selling data for profit, we can provide comprehensive databases detailing all of your needed variables. For clients who just need on-demand access to specific data sets or reports, our web-hosted databases and embeddable APIs provide affordable solutions to the information you need most.

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The EASI team has decades of experience with data research, analytics, delivery, on-demand reporting, and customer care. Find out why our clients enjoy a consistently positive experience from all angles.

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Demographics data made available for your specific
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