How to learn more about your customers with EASI® Profiles

October 25, 2023 By

After so many years in business, we’re familiar with the data sets, variables, and reports our customers like and use. That’s why we distilled the most searched variables customers use in their reports to create EASI® Profiles. 

These profiles are a proprietary combination of variables and calculations we’ve developed over our NN years of business. Generally speaking, the profiles help customers measure the relative concentration of key social characteristics in a location and are displayed as a weighted concentration of the selected variables relative to the population. 

How do EASI® Profiles help customers?

EASI® Profiles answer many questions customers may have about a geography or group, including:

  • Is the area dominated by rental units or owners?
  • What education level is most popular in this area?
  • What’s the income level in this area?
  • Is the population locally born or born outside of the US?

When running any report, customers can choose between 23 categories of variables available for profiles depending on their EASI subscription level. 

Many customers use Profiles as a starting point in their data journeys as they offer a summary overview of their chosen geography and how the variables compare to the rest of the population in the area and the nation (the EASI Rank column.) After generating the report based on EASI Profiles, customers have a better idea of what else they wish to research in their chosen geography and the sorting option. 

How to use EASI® Profiles

Depending on your business, you’ll want to know different information about the geography you’re interested in. Each variable is given an EASI Score from A to E. This score is a proprietary scoring method we use that represents a weighted concentration of the selected variables relative to the population in the geography. An “A” score is the variable with the highest concentration group and is in the top 20% of the quintile, while “E” is the lowest concentration group and is in the bottom 20%. Use it to sort the report as needed. 

Each EASI report lists a Dominant Profile that indicates the most dominant or highest value EASI Profile variable for that geography and report. For example, a report run on a small town with a college will likely have an “Apartment (20 or more units)” as the dominant profile since the largest portion of the population will be college students who live in dorms and shared apartments. One run on a large urban center with public transit will likely have a “Subway or Bus to Work” dominant profile since many people there don’t own vehicles or find commuting  easier with transit. 

Comparing variables by EASI® Profile

Here are a few example comparisons you can see in the EASI® Profile report for Madison, WI and San Francisco, CA.

Variable EASI Score* What that means
Very Spanish San Francisco: A

Madison: B+

There are more people who identify as Hispanic in San Francisco than in Madison, though a decent proportion of the Madison population identifies as such.
Unemployed worker San Francisco: A

Madison: D-

There are significantly fewer people in Madison who identify as unemployed versus San Francisco.
Median Age San Francisco: D-

Madison: E-

Both cities have a low median age compared to the rest of the country, probably because Madison is a college town and San Francisco is home to many tech companies that traditionally employ younger people. 
Long Time Residents San Francisco: C

Madison: E+

These lower scores when compared to the rest of the country are due to two different reasons:

Madison is a college town, so there’s always an ebb and flow of residents, while San Francisco’s high real estate prices likely cause many people to move regularly. 

* Note: These scores are valid on the date these reports were run; they may be different today. 

Uncover more insights with EASI® Profiles

Sometimes, you just want to see the most popular variables for your chosen geography. That’s why we created EASI Profiles. Use them to sort any report by the most searched variables customers use in their reports and discover insights faster. 

For more information on EASI Profiles, the ones available in your subscription, and any other questions about your reports, contact EASI today. We’d love to hear from you and help you get the most out of your reports.