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CRRT MDB Data Categories Updated (1/1/2023) Demographics for
Carrier Route Analysis and Modeling
  • Ancestry, Arab Country of Origin
  • Ancestry, Asian Country of Origin
  • Ancestry, Country of Origin
  • Ancestry, Hispanic Country of Origin
  • Ancestry, Subsaharan African Country of Origin
  • Ancestry, West Indian Country of Origin
  • Demographic Profiles
  • Education, Detailed Characteristics
  • Employment, Detailed Characterstics
  • Households, Detailed Characteristics
  • Housing, Detailed Characteristics
  • Income, Distribution by Age of Householder
  • Income, Family Characteristics
  • Income, Household Characteristics
  • Income, Racial Characteristics
  • Population, Detailed Characteristics
  • Population, Distribution by Age, Race, Gender
  • Population, Family Characteristics
  • Population, Racial Characteristics

  • Current Year Estimates
  • 5 Year Forecasts

  • Total Retail Sales
  • Retail Sales by Store Groups

  • Employee Counts (Broad)
  • Employee Counts (Detailed)
  • Establishment Counts (Broad)
  • Establishment Counts (Detailed)
  • Occupation Counts

  • Cost of Living
  • EASI Profiles
  • Quality of Life (includes Crime and Weather)
  • Sales Potentials

Carrier Routes offer Superior Demographic Differentiation

For really detailed analyses, businesses must drill below the ZIP Code level since ZIP Codes are too big and lack demographic distinctiveness. Up until now, companies used Block Group demographics for the task. However, we believe it makes better sense to use Carrier Routes (CRs) instead of Block Groups.  CRs are a logical subgroup of USPS ZIP Codes while Block Groups are a Census geography designed for collecting information for the government not for business uses such as mailings and sales analysis. 

To accomplish this CR demographic goal, EASI has worked with the National ZIP4 Delivery file of over 38,000,000 records and the Census Tiger Files to split BGs into a demographic CR file, where the CRs are all nested within ZIP Codes.  This method is like doing away with the middleman – Block Groups.

The result is a CR demographic file, with all the data available in the standard EASI Master Database that offers an intelligent and easy way to analyze smaller areas within a ZIP Code.  This also means that users no longer need a ZIP Code to Block Group conversion file to get their actual sales data from customers into a geographic unit that has a rich level of demographics to analyze.

While BGs do have a neighborhood characteristic, they lack practicality for ZIP Code oriented business analysis. CRs can make a real difference in target marketing with 470,000 data points instead of 30,000 or so populated ZIP Codes (217,000 for BGs).  Businesses can readily identify their customers within their CRs and use this knowledge to directly improve mailings and analyses.

Carrier Route Data is now available in our full Master Database configuration.

The EASI Master Database represents the complete data publishing library of Easy Analytic Software, Inc. The collection includes over 2,000 variables and is updated annually.

This product is available in both Comma Separated (CSV) and dBase (DBF) formats.

Standard Master Database Components
Complete Demographic Estimates (2020, Current Year, 5 Year Forecast)
Consumer Expenditure Data (Current Year, 5 Year Forecast)
Retail Trade (2012, Current Year, 5 Year Forecast)
Quality of Life
EASI Profiles
Sales Potentials
Cost of Living
Business Employment and Counts


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