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EASI will work to provide the Data you need for Success

EASI's standard library of data contains over 1,900 variables created for eight separate geographies (Block Groups • Census Tracts • ZIP Codes • Cities • Counties • CBSAs • States • US) meets the needs of almost all of our clients.

For those special clients who need something extra, something different, something unique to their business, EASI, with 35 years experience in the demographics business, is prepared to work with each client to provide what they need. Together, we review the data you have, the data we have, your goals, and how to best meet your needs in an affordable and statistically repsonsible manner.

Here are some ways we can help you succeed:
Custom Rings
You want to know the demographics for a 5 mile ring around each of your 200 store locations so you can measure performance against potential. We can do it.

Benchmarked Estimates
You need estimates for a new variable, which can be created from existing Census data variables, such as Home Value Estimates by Age of Householder. We can do it.
Applied Market Research
You have your own market research studies and want to use them to create estimates of Sales Potentials. With your research and our demographics, we can do it.

Derived Estimates
You need estimates for variables that don't exist in our library and aren't found in the Census, but are related to Benchmarked Estimates, such as an estimate of Family Income, Based on the Presence of Children. We can do it.

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