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EASI Census 2020 Data Categories Why is the Census 2020 Edition right for you?
  • Ancestry, Asian Country of Origin
  • Ancestry, Country of Origin
  • Ancestry, Hispanic Country of Origin
  • Education, Detailed Characteristics
  • Households, Detailed Characteristics
  • Housing, Detailed Characteristics
  • Income, Distribution by Age of Householder
  • Income, Family Characteristics
  • Income, Household Characteristics
  • Income, Racial Characteristics
  • Population, Detailed Characteristics
  • Population, Distribution by Age, Race, Gender
  • Population, Family Characteristics
  • Population, Racial Characteristics

The Right Site Census 2020 Edition IS ABSOLUTELY FREE and is an ideal product for any analyst who needs a range of geographically oriented data. These analysts work for companies who require demographics for decisions for location analysis, real estate planning, advertising, sales, marketing, or potential analysis. All corporate and outside consultants will find this a great tool with access to commonly requested demographics.

Includes all 8 EASI Geographies:
Block Groups • Census Tracts • ZIP Codes • Cities • Counties • CBSAs • States • US

Features designed to make Demographic Mavens out of everybody
EASI Quick Reports
1 Step Reporting made EASI
Rank Analysis
Find greatest or fewest numbers of any of our variables, map the results
EASI Quick Maps
1 Step Graphical Reporting made EASI
Ring Studies
Single Ring and 3 Ring Studies, user defined radii
EASI Charts
1 Step Pie Charts of key demographics for individual areas and ring summaries
User Profiles
Define your own Profile, locate highest concentrations of your target audience
EASI Quick Tables
1 Step Tabular Reporting made EASI
Significant Variable Reports
Find which characteristics are most unique to your target area

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