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ZIP Plus 4 Elements ZIP PLUS 4 to Block Group Geographic Conversion File
  • ZIP Code
  • Plus 4
  • Carrier Route
  • State Abbreviation
  • EASI Block Group
  • Latitude
  • Longitude
  • Match Quality Code
  • Average Delivery Count

EASI maintains information that relates each residential ZIP+4 to its appropriate Block Group. EASI also identifies the longitude and latitude for the ZIP+4's. This annual update is a key component in the EASI update methodology.

This file can be used by direct mailers and others who need to summarize their ZIP+4 information into standard Census geographies such as Block Groups or Census Tracts. It can also be used to display on a map of a ZIP+4 analysis. It is for residential ZIP+4s only; the business-to-business ZIP Codes without population (population is 0) are not included in this file (call for more information).

These database files are both zipped into a single national file with all the ZIP +4's AND provided as 10 separate zipped files, split by the first ZIP Code digit.

EASI also offers ZIP4 level Demographic Estimates though the EASI ZIP4 Demographics Files

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