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I have truly enjoyed working with EASI data while at Deloitte. It was a wonderful experience to have worked with such a supportive innovative group like EASI. I will miss your sincerity, enthusiasm and immense subject matter expertise with both demographic data and statistical analysis. During the past several years you all have provided me support and through your assistance and guidance I have been able to excel at the projects offered to me.
Joseph R Brzezinski, (Retiring) Actuarial, Risk, & Advanced Analytics, Deloitte Consulting LLP
Your product The Right Site� (BUDDY to our members) remains our most glamorous product. It still gets gasps when I demo it and pull up a chart or a map. Kudos to you all!
Marsha Appel | 4A's, SVP, Research Services
The Right Site product is great, easy to use, intuitive, flexible...better than any others I've used (and I've been through them all).� Thanks, love the product!
Steven Reider, Bancography
Everything works beautifully and reports load very quickly. Our members love this service. Thanks for being so patient with us in creating this fabulous resource.
Donna Orem, National Association of Independent Schools
You have a very good product and, the best support I have ever experienced.
Jack Dunning, Dunning Diversified LLC
EASI's The Right Site have provided the effective tools with which I have been able to evaluate key demographic and market questions for our economic development program. For example, I've used the EASI product to conduct market research for major new investments and expansion projects of Fortune 500 companies, for small business start-ups, as well as for resolving NBA basketball market issues. On the whole, I have not found any other demographic product with as much detailed data and geographic coverage that can be utilized so productively and with such a high degree of reliability.
Bob Folse, Metrovision
Wow -- thanks! Thanks, EASI, for an interesting and easy to use site. I have a management consulting practice, and my clients won't believe anything until they see the supporting numbers. Thanks to you, I can get them fast.
Phil Marsosudiro, Archipelago Management Resources, Inc.
The data you have given me will be invaluable in making decisions about expansion. In most cases, it validated intuition but not always. I can't thank you enough for doing this. You could have blown this off as a little guy needing something but you didn't and I am grateful. If I ever can recommend you guys to someone I will. Again thanks.
Patrick L. Johnson, Aussie Pet Mobile Broward County
Using EASI as my source for updated demographics, compared to all the other companies, saved me $12,000 per year!
Cecellia Wandiga, Policy Analysis & Research Group (PARG), Inc.
The Right Site is getting easier and easier to use - I love it!
Ruth Anne Tobias, Northern Illinois University
We are delighted with your The Right Site software! The ease of use, as you promised, is a reality.
Denis Healy, Market Research
Your software is great - I'm really impressed with it's functionality. I can't tell you how it's going to improve the data analysis that I have to do for my job. Please keep me posted on all future updates, etc. I have already recommended it to two other firms that we do business with - GREAT WORK!
Corey Meyer, ITI Marketing
The Right Site is one of those products that everyone in business should have on their desk!
Hal G. Reid, Independent Geographic and Demographic Consultant
Your software was easy to use and I was able to finish ahead of schedule by 25 days. Thanks for all of your help and for answering all of my questions. It is a real pleasure to deal with you and your company. I wish only success for all of you.
Brian Gay, Director, SGI
We are regularly using ring studies on each community that we sell in. We have amazed our clients with this marketing information. And we clearly have new clients as a result of this final piece of marketing info. My sales people like it and that's saying a lot.
Randel Oaklief, President, Creative Marketing of America
The wealth of relevant data available with The Right Site is intelligently organized and at an unbelievable price!
William Davenhall, President, Davenhall Associates.
I purchased your product and am overwhelmed with how easy it is to use and how comprehensive the information it presents. I would not hesitate to recommend The Right Site to anyone in the real estate business.
Timothy King, Division Manager, Fillmore Real Estate
The results from The Right Site amaze my clients.
David Stuart, President, Map Systems, Inc.
I have tried your EASI product and like what you have created - really useful and dead simple to use.
Robert N. Schade, Principal, P3 Consulting
The Right Site is terrific! As the Director of the Technology Consulting Group at The Lipsey Company, the international leader in training and consulting for the commercial real estate industry, I have had the opportunity to see first hand how valuable your product can be to commercial real estate practitioners. Several of our clients are using The Right Site for "at your fingertips" demographic information. The reports you have provided make it easy to compare sites, and have proven valuable over and over again in presentations to prospective tenants and firms thinking about relocating their operations.
Chuck Cutler, Director, Technology Consulting Group, The Lipsey Company
I believe I owe it to you to tell you how delighted I was with your demographics software and data package. My past experience with installing and using this type of thing was misery and frustration, but installing your software went smoothly, without a single glitch, and I was running ring study reports within the first hour. "User-friendly" is not strong enough to do it justice!

I was attracted to your company in the first place because one of my own clients sent me an EASI report, and I instantly saw the analytic value of your EASI quintile and other rankings built into your system, as well as the analytical updating features, and the depth of coverage. This is an invaluable tool.

I was further impressed by the patience and courtesy of EASI both in helping me and to find exactly what I need. My second call, after I got the product, was prompted by the fact that I thought you might have made a mistake and sent me much more for the price than I thought I was entitled to get. Not so, however.

For your information, I am a semi-retired feasibility consultant in large-scale real estate acquisition, development and investment, working on 30 to 50 projects a year in the Gulf Coast region, and demographics are indispensable to me.
B. Smolkin, Real Estate Feasibility Consultant
I like the information. It is very helpful. The Right Site has also helped in my personal life quite a bit; I have been using it to determine the best area to live in! Thanks again!
Oliver Feibel, Senior Engineer, Sprint PCS
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