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Professional Data Categories Why is the Professional Edition right for you?
  • Consumer Expenditures (Broad)
  • Cost of Living
  • Demographic Profiles
  • Education, Detailed Characteristics
  • Employee Counts (Broad)
  • Employment, Detailed Characteristics
  • Establishment Counts (Broad)
  • Geographic Descriptors
  • Households, Detailed Characteristics
  • Housing, Detailed Characteristics
  • Income, Family Characteristics
  • Income, Household Characteristics
  • Occupation Counts
  • Population, Detailed Characteristics
  • Population, Distribution by Age Groups
  • Population, Family Characteristics
  • Population, Racial Characteristics
  • Quality of Life Variables
  • Retail Sales and Store Groups
  • Sales Potentials

The Right Site Professional Edition is an ideal product for any analyst who needs a range of geographically oriented data. These analysts work for companies who require demographics for decisions for location analysis, real estate planning, advertising, sales, marketing, or potential analysis. All corporate and outside consultants will find this a great tool with access to commonly requested demographics. This product includes over 400 demographic variables and forecasts plus other related data.

The available reports include: demographic details such as age by sex, race by households, income, family characteristics (including income), education, housing, and many other key demographic characteristics. Other variables include; basic Consumer Expenditures, Retail Sales and Store Groups, Quality of Life, and other important marketing information. All demographic variables contain 4/1/2020 (benchmark), Current Estimate; and 5 Year Forecast.

Market Analysis ($1,000)
  • ZIP Codes
  • Cities
  • Counties
  • CBSAs
  • States
  • US
  • Site Analysis ($2,000)
  • Block Groups
  • Census Tracts
  • Counties
  • States
  • US
  • Complete ($2,500)
    All Geographies
    Features designed to make Demographic Mavens out of everybody
    EASI Quick Reports
    1 Step Reporting made EASI
    Similar Area Reports
    Find those areas that most closely match your target area
    Express Save
    Select only the Data Elements YOU want to see
    Custom Reports
    Export your results to CSV, HTML, DBF files
    Ring Studies
    Single Ring and 3 Ring Studies, user defined radii
    Polygon Studies
    Summarize Demographics within user defined polygons
    EASI Query
    Find only those areas that meet your requirements, no programming needed
    Significant Variable Reports
    Find which characteristics are most unique to your target area
    User Profiles
    Define your own Profile, locate highest concentrations of your target audience
    Sales Potentials
    Establish Sales Potentials based on your Demographic Preferences
    Drive Time Study
    Map your own Drive Time Analysis
    Street Wizard
    Entry Level Desktop Mapping Package

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