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MRI Reports EASI Mediamark Propensity Reports
  • Ailments, Remedies, etc.
  • Apparel
  • Appliances
  • Attitudes
  • Automotive and Aftermarket
  • Baby
  • Beverages
  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Family Restaurants and Steak Houses
  • Fast Food
  • Financial
  • Grocery
  • Insurance
  • Internet
  • Leisure
  • Media Audio
  • Media Read
  • Media Watch
  • Personal Care
  • Pets
  • Purchasing
  • Sports
  • Telephony
  • Travel
  • Video

EASI also offers a Life Stage cluster analysis based on the results of the annual Mediamark Research (MRI�) Doublebase Study - The Survey of the American Consumer. Mediamark conducts more than 50,000 personal interviews annually with consumers throughout the continental United States to produce data for use in providing strategic insights, consumer targeting and other marketing and advertising functions. Custom studies are also available using the Internet, telephone, and mail samples.

Mediamark Research offers comprehensive demographic, lifestyle, product usage, and exposure to all forms of advertising media collected from a single sample. As the leading U.S. supplier of multimedia audience research, MRI provides information to magazines, television, radio, Internet and other media, leading national advertisers and over 450 advertising agencies - including 90 of the top 100 in the United States.

Mediamark's national syndicated data are widely used by these companies as the basis for the majority of the media and marketing plans that are written for advertised brands in the United States. EASI has analyzed these results and prepared a series of Life Stage Reports based upon those results.

Note: The propensity estimates contained in the EASI/MRI reports are based on a national sample of 50,000 consumers. The sample results are then used to develop a model to estimate the number of households in the selected geographic area that should use the product or service in that area based on the consumer characteristics in the sample. In those cases in which a specific company is shown or a specific product or service is cited the results may or may not accurately reflect the distribution of that product or service in the selected geographic areas. This is particularly true when the product or service (of a specific company) is not offered in that geographic area. For instance, High-Flying Snowboards, Inc. sells their snowboards ONLY in states or areas where there is snowfall - the 24 most northern states. As a result, the data showing these household consumers should be using this product or service in states or geographic areas without snow fall (such as Florida) is misleading. In addition, the number of units sold by High-Flying Snowboards, Inc. is based on a national sample and distributed through all 50 states and the District of Columbia and would therefore under estimate the expected number of units sold in the states in which High-Flying Snowboards sells its products and overstates the expected units in the states that do not sell its products.

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