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The Right Move®Troubleshooting Tips

How can I change my username?
At this point, there is no way to change your user name. When there is a way, it will be posted here.

Guest vs Registered Access
Signing in as a Guest gives you full access to the app's features with 2 exceptions when you buy a subscription without registering:

  • Your subscription will not be available on all of your iOS devices.
  • When you want to email a report, you'll have to enter an email address. If you are registered your email will default to your registration email (which you can override if you choose).

In addition, if you have registered, but log in as a Guest to purchase a subscription, that subscription will not be available to you when you log in again with your registered name. However, should you register (or register again, with a different username) after purchasing a subscription as a Guest, that subscription will be available when you log in with your new registration.

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