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Private Web Sites EASI Customized and Private Demographic Web Sites  

EASI will transform Our web site into Your web site when we:
Customize our site
to reflect your organization's corporate colors and logo.

Develop Custom Reports
to make our data simpler for your users.
Develop new features
for your users and remove features not relevant to your users.

Link our site
directly to yours, giving you your own private Demographic web site and product.
EASI can create a truly private web site that only your clients, your employees, your agents, salespeople, etc. can use. So tell us your desires and we'll be happy to develop a site together as a partner or in some mutually agreeable fashion - we are EASI to work with.

EASI has decades of experience working with publishers, editors, associations, and others to carefully craft a dedicated worry-free web site that your users will return to over and over again.

Some examples of our custom web sites:

MultiAd Site A Revenue Maker:

Our partners can design their own demographic web site with EASI software and data to earn revenue from use of this information.

EASI Customized Web Sites can be supplemented with your own data or analysis tools!

Or A Lead Generator:

FREE demographic and mapping analysis available ONLY to your customers, subscribers, and members. Enter directly through your web site. This includes current year and forecasted population and household estimates, and a 2000 comparison.

Your users can create reports with maps and analysis for free.
Furniture/Today Site

And here's yet one more EASI Custom Web Site!

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