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EASI offers a variety of ways to partner with Resellers:
Internet and Desktop Demographic or Mapping services

EASI can supply you with our Master Databases to use in creating your own products for sale to your customers, and will work with you to develop a pricing scheme that works for your clients. We also license our software products for re-sale.

The EASI Master Database with over 1,900 variables (with demographic data and forecasts for 4/1/2020; current year update; and a five year forecast) can be ordered with different levels of geography. The standard version of this Master Database includes the following geographies:

Block Group • Census Tracts • ZIP Codes • CBSAs • Cities • Counties • States • US

Advanced Demographics and related databases answer many questions
Advanced Demographics
  • Is this area growing faster or slower than average?
  • Do they have more money than other areas?
  • What kinds of families live here?
  • Are they old or young?
  • EASI Profiles
  • Is there area dominated by rental units or owner?
  • Does this location have a better educated or lower educated population?
  • In this location are there rich households or poor ones?
  • Is the population local born or born outside of the US?
  • EASI Sales Potentials
  • Are there lots of museums?
  • Is there more than average amount of restaurants?
  • Is this population bargain hunters or premium products users?
  • Quality of Life
  • Is this a safe area to live?
  • What are the overall distinctive qualities of the weather?
  • Retail Trade
  • What are the retail sales of actual stores in this location?
  • Is this area affected by price deviations compared to the average?
  • Is there an opportunity to market a certain product (potential versus actual sales)?
  • Is there an opportunity to open a certain store (potential versus actual sales)?
  • Business Counts
  • What types businesses occupy this area?
  • How many of each type of business are there?
  • What size are those businesses?
  • EASI Life Stages Clusters
    including Consumer Expenditures
  • Learn which type of Households Dominate a Neighborhood and what their Potential Sales are.
  • Major Merchandise Lines
    and Minor Store Groups
  • Identify Actual sales of Specific Products and Learn the Details of Actual Stores sales by their Location.

  • There are four versions of The Right Site desktop software

    Many re-sellers sell our standard software directly to their clients. We can also create a special version just for you.

    The Right Site – Advanced Edition
    an extraordinary product for highly detailed sales, marketing, and demographic analysis

    The Right Site – Executive Edition
    a perfect entry level product for users who need current information with over 40 essential updated variables
    The Right Site – Professional Edition
    an ideal product for analysts working for companies who require demographics for decisions such as location analysis, real estate planning, advertising, sales, marketing, or potential analysis

    The Right Site – Life Stage Edition
    a neighborhood classification system based on the crucial factors that determine life's key decisions
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