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Location Analysis Elements Choose the Right Neighborhood to Work or Live In!

A New Mobile App for Location Analysis - Anytime, Anywhere

  • Population (4/1/2020)
  • Households (4/1/2020)
  • Population, Median Age
  • Household Income
    Median ($)
  • White Population, Alone
  • Black Population, Alone
  • Asian Population, Alone
  • Hispanic Population
  • Housing, Owner Occupied
  • Housing, Renter Occupied
  • Housing, Vacant Units


  • Singles Index
  • Married Families w/Children Index
  • Older Population Index
  • Above Avg Education Index
  • Expensive Homes Index
  • Owner Estimated Home Value
  • Population (1/1/2023)
  • Population (1/1/2028)
  • Households (1/1/2023)
  • Families
  • Household Income
    Total ($)
  • Household Income
    Average ($)
  • Household Income
    Per Capita ($)
  • Housing, Units
  • EASI Total Crime Index
  • Employees, Total
    (by Place of Work)

The Right Move is designed to immediately provide key location, neighborhood, and site evaluation information. This ground-breaking app is carefully designed for educational, business, and personal use on mobile devices (iOS and Android). The Right Move offers prospective homeowners, realtors, brokers, and anyone scouting for a location key current neighborhood demographics.

For 20 years EASI has provided the highest quality Demographic Estimates as Standalone Databases, Desktop Software, Web Software, and eBooks. This product launches our presence in the Mobile Community.

The Right Move is a Location Analysis App which allows users to generate demographic summaries of the area around them (in the US only), up to 10 miles. Alternatively it allows you to enter a specific address and generate a study for that address.

Either method allows you to email the report to yourself and others, making this a productivity tool as well as a tool of interest.

In addition, The Right Move now allows all users, Free and Paid Subscribers, to generate free Updated ZIP Code Demographic Reports.

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